The Armenian holocaust
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A bibliography relating to the deportations, massacres, and dispersion of the Armenian people, 1915-1923. Published by the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1980. 60 pages.

The Republic of Armenia (I)

In 1918, the Armenian people emerged from centuries of foreign domination to establish a small Republic in the russian armenian Provinces of the Caucasus. While the populace struggled for physical survival in a devastated land, armenian Representatives at the Paris Peace Conference appealed for supportive action and the means to extend the boundaries of the … Leer la continuación

The Republic of Armenia (II)

The strategic geopolitical position of Transcaucasia, a region that both links and separates teh Russian and Near Eastern spheres, was emphatically demonstrated during the existence of the independant Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, 1918-1921. The three neighboring states, born amidst war and revolution, manifested many common traits and concerns but, Armenia alone had been … Leer la continuación