Published by Hamaskaïne Armenian Culturel Association
Beirut – Lebanon. 1971. 240 pages

Table of contents
A testimony by Viscount James Bryce
A Testimony by Arnold J. Toynbee the Armenian people and the Ottoman government
The deportations of 1915 : antecedents
The deportations of 1915 : procedure
A testimony by Dr. Herbert Adams Gibbons
A testimony by Ambassador Henry Morgenthau
The Turk reverts to the ancestral type
The “revolution” at Van
The murder of a nation
Talaat tells why he «deports» the Armenians
Enver Pasha discusses the Armenians
“I shall do nothing for the Armenians» says the German Ambassador
A testimony by Fridjhof Nansen
The Armenians during the great war

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