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The author has assembled documentary evidence from every conceivable source to bring the reader the historical background of this enormous crime and to show that the risponsibility lay squarely with the turkish government and its World War I ally, Germany. The tale is one fof incredible misery and human waste, lightened if at all by the herosism of the Armenians themselves.

The author has done more than make the great crime against Armenia real again. He has presented with eloquence the case for the restoration of the armenan homeland. After Turkey’s humiliating defeat under Minister of War Enver, the armenian Repiblic was formed in 1918, this creating for the first time in half a millenium an independent Armenia. But through treachery, indifference, confusion and fear, Armenia had no chance for survival. The Treaty of Lausanne gave Armenia nothing even of its most basic rights and gave Turkey everything it asked, and President Wilson’s Plan for an armenian homeland beacame a forgotten document.

Yet the case for Armenia is not closed. The forgotten genocide has never had its nuremberg but, the case for justice in the form of an armenian homeland remains valid today. Conceived as a legitimate legal demand, the plan for an armenian homeland would rectify some of the ancient wrongs committed against a universally admired people.

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Año 1972
Número de páginas 498
Editor Educational Book Crafters
Ciudad editora Westwood (New Jersey)
Formato del soporte 25 x 17,5
Número ISBN 0-912826-02-9
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