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The story of the Bird’s Nest began in 1900 when the “Women’s Missionary Workers” (Kvindelige Missions Arbejdere) K.M.A. was established in Scandinavia, in Denmark. Since 1902 and for many years thereafter K.M.A. sent many missionaries to help and serve the Armenian people.

The book of nearly 350 pages contains 15 chapters, an index, and more than two-dozen photographs. One chapter of the book discusses the political arena in Asia Minor during 1895-96 and includes several pages from a book by Aage Mejer Benedictsen, “Armenien” —about Sultan Abdul-Hamid’s massacre of Armenians during that period, which created the need for the relief work that followed.

Other chapters discuss the foundation and organization of the Women’s Missionary Workers, or K.M.A, and their work among Armenians in Anatolia (Western Armenia) where Danish missionaries were stationed at Harpoot, Mezreh (Vilayet Mamuret-ul- Aziz), Bitlis, Van, and Malatia in 1901- 1919.

Informaciones sobre el libro:

Año 1925
Número de páginas 325
Título segundario Et folks liv og kamp gennem to aartusinder - Med kort og billeder
Título traducido Arménie
Editor De Dansk Armeniervenner
Ciudad editora Copenhague
Tipo de columna Relié
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  • Danois