The murder of a nation
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Published by the Armenian general benevolent union of America, New-York, 1974. 142 pages. “Ambassador Henry Morgenthau’s unimpeachable report concerning the virtual annihilation of the Armenian minority in Turkey during 1915,” originally published in 1918 by Doubleday, page and Company.

The great events of the Great War
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A comprehensive and readable source record of the world great war, emphasizing the more important events, and presenting these as complete narratives in the actual words of the chief officials and most eminent leaders. Presenting documents from government archives and other authoritative sources, without line narratives indices, chronologies, and courses of reading on sociological movements … Leer la continuación

Armenia and the Armenian question Simon Vratzian 1943
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Translated front The Armenian by James G. Mandalian Hairenik Publishing Company, Boston. 1943. 120 pages. 1 – Armenia et the Armenians 2 – The Armenian Question 3 – Reforms and Massacres 4 – The Revolutionary Movement and the Political Parties 5 – The War, Deportations and Massacres 6 – Events in Transcaucasia 7 – Events … Leer la continuación

The Republic of Armenia (I)

In 1918, the Armenian people emerged from centuries of foreign domination to establish a small Republic in the russian armenian Provinces of the Caucasus. While the populace struggled for physical survival in a devastated land, armenian Representatives at the Paris Peace Conference appealed for supportive action and the means to extend the boundaries of the … Leer la continuación