Bibliothèque Numérique Musique

Digital Library - Sound Library with Armenian Music and Songs
The Association for the Research and the Archiving of the Armenian Memory offers a selection of armenian music and songs.. The various proposed selections come from the association’s archives.
To be discovered: vinyl recordings from the 1950s, "78 rpms" recorded in France and "33 rpms" from the years 1960 to 1990, mostly from the period of Soviet Armenia.
We invite you to discover, or listen once again to composers and performers such as Tatoul Altounian, Aram Merangulian, Khatchadour Avedissian ... as well as singers Hovanes Badalian, Roupen Matéossian, Ophelia Hampartsoumian ... and many virtuosos of traditional instruments.
Good listening to all !

B.O expo camp Oddo

La bande originale de l’exposition du camp Oddo d’une durée de 26 minutes. Liste des morceaux présents : Groung – Komidas (Violoncelle / Interprête : Sevag Avanesyan) Vorkan tsangatsa – Populaire (Kamantcha / Interprête : Hratchia Mouradian) Echkhémét – Sayat-Nova (Kanon / Interprête : Alvart Mirzoyan) Improvisation – Populaire (Oud / Interprête : B.Kouyoumdjian) Hovér … Continued