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The Association for the Research and the Archiving of the Armenian Memory’s documentary filesincludes a collection of original photographs taken from family archives that shows the settlement and the evolution of the armenian community in and around Marseilles through various topics: cultural and sports associations, politics, scouting, worship, occupations, etc.
This collection also features pictures of armenian settlements in the suburban areas of Paris (Ile-de-France) or Lyon (Rhône).

UMAF mission after the earthquake in Armenia (1988)

In December 1988, a few days after the earthquake in Armenia, a delegation of Marseille’s Union Medicale Arménienne de France (UMAF) went to the scene of the tragedy, accompanied by the mayor of Marseilles Robert Vigouroux. The earthquake occurred on December 7th, 1988 (6.9 on the Richter scale) and made between 25,000 and 30,000 dead, … Continued

Reception of the Armenia football team (USSR) in Marseilles

In this gallery, you will find a series of photographs taken on the occasion of the reception and match of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic football team. An event hosted by Marseille’s 15th and 16th districts City Hall. Date unknown. © ARAM archives, Vanick Heloyan Collection.

Demonstration of support for Max Hraïr Kilndjian – 1982

Organized by the “Support Committee for Max Hraïr Kilndjian”, the demonstration took place at the Aix-en-Provence court of Justice in January 1982, on the occasion of the trial of Mr. H. Kilndjian. This activist of the armenian cause was defended by lawyers Henri Leclerc and Patrick Devedjian. © ARAM archives, Vanick Heloyan Collection.

Danyel Gérard concert in Marseilles

French singer & songwriter, Danyel Gérard, by his real name Gerard Daniel Kherlakian, performed a concert in Marseille, followed by a reception with members of Marseille’s armenian community. Date unknown. ARAM archives, Vanick Heloyan Collection

April 24th demonstration in Marseille

You will find in this gallery, a series of photographs taken in Marseille during a “April 24th” demonstration, day of commemorations and claims, in reference to April 24th 1915, date of the beginning of the armenian genocideby the “Young Turks”government in the Ottoman Empire. This event is a march on La Canebière avenue in the … Continued

Exhibition “1927-2000: armenian posters in Marseille”

This exhibition presents about sixty posters from the association’s collection.
After the genocide of 1915, the surviving Armenians of Anatolia were forced to flee their ancestral homeland and to relocate in the Middle East, Europe or the Americas.
Marseille, as a port on the Mediterranean sea, had alaways been a hub for the refugees who wanted to settle down in France or emigrate overseas.
Many of them, chose to stay in the Marseille region and, step by step, tried to recreate their traditional community through three fundamental pillars: the Church, political parties and compatriotic associations that organized several cultural, sports or charity events. In the meanwhile, the armenian language was kept alive through benevolent schooling and growing publishing.
ARAM ‘s posters collection demonstrates how the armenian community settled, progressed and socially integrated in its host country, from the beginning to the end of the 20th century.