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Armenia and the near east
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This book describes Nansen’s visit to Armenia and Georgia in 1925. By this time the Communists were firmly in control, both in Moscow and in the outlying states making up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This excursion provides an interesting contrast with the Russia of the Tsar seen in Siberia – The Land of … Lire la suite

An anthology of historical writings on the Armenians Massacres of 1915
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Published by Hamaskaïne Armenian Culturel Association Beirut – Lebanon. 1971. 240 pages Table of contents Foreword A testimony by Viscount James Bryce A Testimony by Arnold J. Toynbee the Armenian people and the Ottoman government The deportations of 1915 : antecedents The deportations of 1915 : procedure A testimony by Dr. Herbert Adams Gibbons A … Lire la suite

L’Arménie et le proche orient
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Edité par La librairie orientaliste Paul Geuthner, 13 rue Jacob 75006 Paris. Imprimerie Massis 208 bis boulevard Lafayette. Traduit du texte norvégien par M. Arne Omtvedt. Par Fridtjof Nansen. Publié en 1928, 390 pages.