H.F.B. Lynch’s classic two-volume work on Armenia is considered to be the best travel book written in the English language covering Armenia. The author, in an account of the two separate journeys he undertook in Armenia between 1893 and 1898, presents a panoramic view of the whole area, with its monasteries and churches, towns and villages, mountains adn rivers. He combines an excellence in style with scholarship and the result is a happy mixture of well-written and at times poetic exposition with a good deal of scholarship in his treatment of the inscription and the political surveys. This well-illustrated work, with 197 photographs and sketches by the author himself;, as well as numerous maps and plans, is the most extensive of its kind covering both Russian and Turkish Armenia. After so many years, it continues to be of interest to students of Armenia and of the area in general, as a valuable source of information. Furthermore, it is a touching tribute to the native inhabitants, the Armenians, who lived and built for centuries on these historic lands, but who, due to tragic circumstanes, were eradicated from the larger part of the area.

Notes sur oeuvre :

This book contains the account of two separate journeys in Armenia, the first extending from august 1893 to march 1894 and the second, from may 1898 to september.Lynch was born in London on April the 18th, 1862, of irish parentage. Besides his sturdy of law, he became noted as a writer, a geographer, a politician and, a traveller with a keen interest in Armenia. He traveled through historic Armenia non two separate occasions. During his second jouney, he was accompanied by Oswald F. with whom he collaborated in producting a detailed map of historic Armenia and its neighbors. In 1906 he was elected to serve as a member of the British Parliament. He died in London on november the 24th, 1913.

Informations sur le livre :

Année 1990
Nombre de pages 470
Editeur Armenian prelacy
Type de colume 1
Numéro ISBN 1-879166-00-3
  • Anglais