Call to the Armenian communities to collect and digitize 1915 survivors’ written testimonies.

The Association for the Research and the Archiving of Armenian Memory (ARAM) is a Marseilles-based association whose aim is to gather and archive documents about the life of Armenian communities in diaspora. The ARAM association has initiated a program to collect written testimonies on 1915 and on the exodus of the Armenian communities to France, Lebanon and the United States.

We are earnestly requesting you to contact us if you happen to possess a manuscript written by a 1915 survivor.

These testimonies are an integral part of the Armenian diaspora’s cultural heritage and we would like to digitize them in order to make them available to the general public as well as historians.
These testimonies are a crucial tool for a greater understanding of the Armenian genocide. These key documents for historians will be archived at the ARAM association’s digital library.

The ARAM association is committed to fostering the preservation of these documents through digitization, in order to ensure their availability through translations and editions.
We fully understand that these testimonies are very dear to Armenian families and we propose to keep a digital copy only.
Please, get in touch with us to know more about this digitization program.

Email us with as much detail as you can so we can give you the best help possibleContact US


ԿՈՉ հայ ընտանիքներուն 1915-ի վերապրողներու կողմէ շարադրուած գրաւոր վկայութիւններ թուայնացնելու նպատակով: