Retracing the footsteps of our forefathers
Այս վաւերագիրը թուայնացուած է

Published by the Armenian apostolic church of America, New-York, 1977. 155 pages. Contents: Preface The struggle for freedom Ara the Fair Tigran the Great The conversion of Armenia to christianity The Story of St. Gregory the Illuminator Mesrob Mashtots St. Vartan and the Battle of Vartanantz Armenians in the Byzantine Empire The role of the … Շարունակութիւնը կարդալ

Armenia and the near east
Այս վաւերագիրը թուայնացուած է

This book describes Nansen’s visit to Armenia and Georgia in 1925. By this time the Communists were firmly in control, both in Moscow and in the outlying states making up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This excursion provides an interesting contrast with the Russia of the Tsar seen in Siberia – The Land of … Շարունակութիւնը կարդալ

The Republic of Armenia (II)

The strategic geopolitical position of Transcaucasia, a region that both links and separates teh Russian and Near Eastern spheres, was emphatically demonstrated during the existence of the independant Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, 1918-1921. The three neighboring states, born amidst war and revolution, manifested many common traits and concerns but, Armenia alone had been … Շարունակութիւնը կարդալ